Chérie Nuit


Creeping out of the darkness, hailing from the mystical land of D.C., comes the comedic assailant of ennui; the girl who is more than the ol’ bump and grind. Having studied with Gilded Lily Burlesque and Paco Fish of Sticky Buns Burlesque, Chérie Nuit now finds herself as a co-producer of Hot Night Productions, the show on the scene where weird meets wonderful. Chérie has recently made her venture into the world of festivals, being a member of the Great Southern Exposure’s award-winning number “Kubrilesque”, and a performer at the Great Burlesque Expo’s Newcomer’s Showcase. An all-around talent, Chérie calls D.C. home, however, she is a local favorite in venues throughout Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, and North Carolina! Audiences, you’re not ready for this. Bringing light to the darkness, it’s Chérie Nuit, Baltimore’s darling of the night.

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