Dolly Longlegs

Dolly Longlegs is a community artist, activist, and performer from the Jersey Shore, who deals primarily with engaging groups of people through art-making and spectacle. She narrowly avoided becoming the next ‘Jersey Shore’ cast member by escaping to the self-proclaimed ‘Greatest City in America’, Baltimore, MD. Dolly has been charming audiences for four years, and has many more years experience choreographing corny synchronized group numbers and creating trashy costumes as the captain of her high school colorguard. She was one of the founding members of the Galhaus Revue, MICA’s burlesque troupe, and has performed as a member of Kubrilesque, an award winning burlesque musical about the life of Stanley Kubrick. Her hobbies include dressing up her dog, eating at diners and scandalizing old ladies at the fabric store.

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