Trixie Little and The Evil Hate Monkey


Trixie Little and The Evil Hate Monkey are an award-winning, delightfully subversive duo that have been flipping and stripping for audiences since 2002. Trixie is a freakishly strong, bendy Burlesque beauty who flips and strips with wild abandon. Monkey is a hairy Boylesque force of nature who swings from the rafters. Their original mix of circus skills, absurd humor and over-the-top personalities have earned them many titles including the Burlesque Hall of Fame’s Best Duo (‘06), Most Innovative (‘08), King of Boylesque (‘10). After a decade of touring the neo-circus and burlesque scene in America, they now travel internationally where their style of cabaret-erotique earned them Best Cabaret Award nominations in Australia. They now call New York City home, where the pair are late-night fixtures everywhere from exclusive nightclubs to variety shows. Wherever they go, Trixie and Monkey are always a crowd favorite.

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